The JP Foundation

JP Foundation


The Judge Penny Brown Foundation, Inc., is dedicated to the restoration and promotion of the family through education, advocacy, and service.

Purpose & Values

Our purposes is to strengthen families, cultivate leadership in women and girls, faster respect in youth and children, and actively serve people. We support the institute programs that serve to educate, liberate and assist in facilitating the empowerment and transformation of human being to live a life of self-respect. We are committed to social justice and to the principle that all people are created equal.  We support self-sufficiency and dignity of all individuals and families.

Judge Penny’s Vision

As a child, I rose from the shadows of poverty with a unique perspective for the delivery of both justice and ministry. As a result of my experiences, I have developed a framework for my life that is dedicated to the fundamental principles of justice, equality, civic engagement and service. This foundation represents my vision to change the lives of people. As human beings, we are strongest when we work together to help those who are most vulnerable. I embrace the concept of “loving thy neighbor.” Neighbor love is the missing piece in our society today. There are a number of people who specialize in criticizing the problems in our communities instead of doing something about them. They expect everyone else to be a savior. We all have a role to play in making the world a better place. We must teach the next generation to stop making excuses and come together and create a change in our communities. Change can come one person at a time. It takes commitment, love, passion, and a desire to give of your time in order to solve the problems of today. The Judge Penny Brown Reynolds Foundation, Inc. is committed to the principle that all people are created equal and that our social, economic, religious, and political structures should support self-sufficiency and dignity of all individuals and families. We have the ability to make a difference. The question is – do we care enough to do so?

A 501(c) (3) Non-profit Corporation

Programs & Conferences

We believe that every person deserves a chance to live in dignity with the possibility to fulfill their hopes and dreams. We sponsor and host a number of programs, activities, and conferences that fulfill the tenants of our mission and purpose.

Foundation Programs Included: SisterTalk Women’s Empowerment Conference Partnership with The City of College Park for a Teen Job Summit and numerous programs “You Matter Tour” Back to School Initiative Girls in P.E.A.R.L.S. (Girls who are Positive, Excellent, Anointed, Respectful, Leaders, Spiritual) A Mentoring Program for girls 12-18 years of age. Back to School Enrichment Program Leadership Summer Camp Family & Parenting workshops Women & Men’s health forums Bullying and domestic violence prevention among teenagers and adults Entrepreneurial development seminars Financial workshops Drug awareness and prevention program HIV/AIDS Education Women’s Self –Esteem workshops