The Power of life and death is in the tongue!

One of the greatest lessons I learned years ago was that I didn’t need to say everything I was thinking. The discipline of learning to “listen” is critical to growth.

With social media becoming a mainstream fabric of our means of communication, developing the skills of being still, processing information and listening is important.

Broken people communicate broken thoughts. Be a force for good. As my late mother, Deforest Brown would say, “if you have something to say, make sure it’s worth saying.”

When you do finally speak, people will want to listen because of your relevancy of wholeness, not merely because you have a need to be noticed.

I always stop and ask myself is this communication in keeping with my legacy and reflects the essence of who I am as a woman of God.

Words are powerful. Don’t be seduced by others to lower your standards. Everyone is not worthy of a response from you.

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