Don’t allow anyone to change the atmosphere of where you are. You have to remember that we are spiritual beings occupying flesh. The power of God is not generated in the natural but rather comes from the supernatural. If your spirit is not right, nothing will be right.

There are people that operate at their best on the dark side. They want nothing better than for you to be brought down to where they are because misery does indeed love company. Don’t fall for it!

Stay above it all. Do what I do, smile, say what you have to say and keep it moving. Be above it and remember who you are and who you serve.

God protects us and gives us discernment. The problem is too many people lack the wisdom to be quiet, listen for the still small voice and STAND knowing that if God be for us, who can be against us.

The dark side plays on your greatest desires and wants, often using those to manipulate you. God provides our every need. Begin to look around where you are and really see –I mean really see, why certain individuals are in your life, in your face and in your life space. Do they bring peace and encouragement? Do they have a fruitful blessed spirit? Do they even change the atmosphere when they come around or through the telephone.

I rise this day with the assurance that God’s plan for our lives has not and will not change. It is a plan for our good. And no person walking on this earth can thwart anything our God has in store for us.

Reclaim your atmosphere and start exercising wisdom and the faith that you claim to have. “No weapon formed against you will prosper.” Isaiah 54:17

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