Living Your Dreams

While others are dreaming about how to live their life, instead, I decided to live my dreams.

I rarely let anything or anyone stop me. I believe I am worthy of being able to fulfill my destiny. I am disciplined enough to make it happen and focused enough to believe that anything is possible.

I never sit around resenting what someone else is doing or what they have. I think to myself, “how great it is for them.” Be inspired by what others accomplish. If God did it for them, God CAN and WILL do it for you!

I stay away from drama. There are people in this world who are addicted to always “fighting” with someone. They either use it to be the center of attention or as an excuse for any and everything that goes wrong in their lives. Confusion is a dream breaker.

You must spend more time on what it is you want to do in life. No one is going to do it for you.

Begin living your dreams today. Let me tell you,

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