It’s Time to Move!

Like most people, I am faced with having to make difficult decisions. I usually take my time and way out all of my options. I pray and ask God for guidance. But there are those rare occasions when the answers just don’t seem to come fast enough and yet a decision must be made.

If you find yourself waiting on God to reveal to you what to do on an issue and you have run out of time to decide, consider this: perhaps the answer has already been given to you.

Move in a direction that allows you to feel the presence of God. God speaks to us sometimes in signs and wonders or through others. The right direction may require courage and for you to stand alone. But, are you really alone? God is always with us.

Don’t be afraid of making that first step. Do the right thing and ask yourself if God would be pleased with your decision. Do what is best for you and what can ultimately bring glory to God.

Live long enough and you will find yourself at the crossroads of life having to make a major life decision. There comes a point when you must move. Movement represents power. Nothing in life is guaranteed. What you can be assured of is that God can turn anything around for your good no matter what you decide.


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